Here she is, Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road.

"The Orange Road of Whim" manga and anime by Izumi Matsumoto were big hits in Japan and in Italy as well. I translated all the volumes of the manga and I am particularly fond of it and its characters. Check out the links of the first 5 pics: I found some sites that have interesting informations/graphics about them. So click and enjoy...but please, come back!

Kokaku Kidotai

This Masamune Shirow's piece of art was the first manga I ever translated... and it was no match! I translated only the first episode with the supervision of a native translator. It was too difficult, but gorgeous indeed!

Oh! My Goddess

Yes yes, I had the pleasure to translate also the first 4 episodes of Ah! Megami Sama by Kyosuke Fujishima and it was really fun. I was sorry to leave it but I had to give it up to concentrate on KOR, Ai and JoJo.

Video Girl Ai.

I translated all the volumes of this stunnigly beautiful series and its short sequel Video Girl Len, by Maskazu Katsura and I have to say that it is absolutely the most of the most of the mostest!! It made me cry like a baby and smile to the core of my soul. There is nothing, NOTHING better then VGA.

3 x 3 Eyes

Not even Yuzo Takada's little tryclope was able to avoid my pen, at least for the first 4 issues!

Sesame Street

Nothing to do with the tv show, I swear. This Izumi Matsumoto sit-com is a cross between Maison Ikkoku and the Japanese realistic movies by the great director Ozu...with a sprinkle of KOR for seasoning!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventures

No kidding! This is the most bizzarre thing I've ever read! It's a little bit violent but it's so absurd, funny and charming that you don't even notice it! By the great Hirohiko Araki.


This one of the latest "entries" (or "entrees"!) and it's really one of my favorites. Mitsuru Adachi is totally, poetically and quietly japanese and its characters are born to be favorites. They're so cute!


This is the first and last "Shoojo manga" that I ever translated (aside from the first episode of Ryoko Ikeda's My Dear Brother, Onisama E ). I was totally crazy about Georgie's animation in spite of the fact that it got wildly cut in Italy (but at least was broadcasted) and having the opportunity to translate the whole manga by the Shojo Manga Goddess Yumiko Igarashi really made my jump with joy. Boing boing.

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