Part II

Yo yo yo babes, see what we have here! "White Men Can't Jump!" says this cutie pie! So it's not only African American babes, now these sweeties down here in the Land of Rising Sun agree that we just can't do it...damm I gotta do some workout!
Oh well I guess I'll get my lazy ass off the chair as soon as I get back to Venice and skate it around on my good old roller skates (original blue & yellow suede from the '70s!!) to try to keep up with these bros here! Well I'm not so white after all, but there's no way I can jump like that :>

There you go some more Tokyo groove down here from Akihabara playground, a place that unfortunately is said to be closed soon to make a parking lot out of it...Dammit!!!

There are also bros on bikez, when I saw all these guyz going nutz like this I thought "Damm, this is just like hecking (or hacking!) California!!" isn't it?!