Part I

Yello homies all over the world! We are in Akihabara, which is the geek town of Tokyo, where all the electronic cybernotic ultracosmic meganerdic stores are...but on Sundays something very strange happens here on this playground...something that looks pretty much like Venice Beach, California!

Ride on babes, here is the real Tokyo vibe! Skating and hip hop are very popular here in Tokyo, but some crazy bro really goes nutz playing hockey in the middle of a geeky nerdy town as well...then I thought that I *was* crazy :>

You may get some more pics and grooves from these home-sweet-homeboyz clicking the pictures, they'll take you to the 2nd megapart(y) of our one Sunday-journey diving in Tokyo vibe! C'mon bro, c'mon sis :>