Nikita is a novel series written by a young and brilliant Italian thriller writer, Carlo Lucarelli.
To be honest this image has nothing to do with the novel, it's Psychokiller, an anti-heroine I invented for fun back in 1991 that pushes Batman off a skyscraper and gets in fights with all the American super-heroes etc. etc. (!!) The sole relation that it has with Nikita is that at the time I used to draw Psychokiller I actually *WAS* "Nikita", with a psychobilly hairstyle and an upscale wild attitude.

S.T.O.R.Y. D.I.G.E.S.T.

Detective Coliandro is a goofy policeman who used to be in the crime department and that misses some good action. By chance he gets to investigate a murderer commited by some skinheads in the punk-rock club scene. Of course he knows absolutely nothing about that environment and those people so he tries to hook up with a psychobilly uni student, Simona Stanzani (sounds familiar?) who was once called "Nikita" by - she says - "Two imbeciles" and he tries to get information from her because she hangs out in the "alternative" rock club scene and knows a lot of people. Useless to say she is not enthusiastic at all about it but they end up to chase and run away from suspects togheter, to investigate and get beaten, to get shot or throw guns (?! She doesn't know how to use it!) at people in a continuing action climax.

This is how the story begins and how Nikita was born, nontheless I already played that part in a Carnival Masquerade at school just the same year I met the author, Lucarelli, at the rock club Albert Hall, close to Modena, Italy. I was 21 and I was in the prime of my animal psychobillia, the night we first met I was so trashed on alcohol that I don't even remember meeting Carlo nor his friend (just those "two imbeciles" that called me "Nikita"). One year later I met them again at the same club and he told me how he met me the first time and how he got inspired by my wild "Stompin'" and by my comical performances on the dance floor with my friends. So between a laugh and a joke I ended up dating his friend and hanging out with the same circle of friends, while he continued - and he is still continuing - to write new episodes of the story.
Now I live in L.A. (or Tokyo?) and I don't see them very often anymore but even though I'm getting old and my hair is growing too, I still feel that wild sparkle inside of me: in spite of all my efforts to try to be normal I'll always be a 14 y.o. punk girl or a 21 psycho (pathbilly), a romantic Teddy Girl, a crazy motorcycle rider or a japanese cartoon. Or a thriller book charachter.



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Nikita is also a brilliant scientist, one of the founders of the Laboratory of Photochemistry of Moskow State University
a very kwell gal that studies in London and is heading to Japan to study that marvellous language I luv and cherish myself ;>
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