S.H.I.B.U.Y.A. @ N.I.G.H.T.

Hey do you see the image reflected on the building next to the Geisha? Believe it or not, that's our National Hero, Roberto Baggio!! He's very popular here, and poses for many sport drinks commercials :>

This gigantic Crab is not only a pretty remarkable sign for a restaurant...it moves!!!! It moves!!!! AAAAGGGH!!! See all those legs going up and down...sure it does NOT make *me* feel like eating anything (^^)``

And this is Shibuya's shopping Promenade, the place everybody goes to hang out...but be careful because it's so crowded that it's easy to bump on somebody, and if you bump just on some old yakuza uncle like my friend Ted did you may be not as lucky as he was not to kick the bucket! ;>