There you go, this is one of those "infamous" hostess bar like the ones you see on City Hunter's manga, The One Eyed Jack in Roppongi. Roppongi is the "Gaijin" (foreigner/s) area of Tokyo, full of clubs, casinos, restaurants and full -of course- of foreigners. I hate Roppongi. It's like a Gaijin Ghetto, it's like being in America or in Europe! So what the heck did I go all the way to Tokyo for? But I guess Japanese love it just because of this, so let it be :> and be happy.

My very good friend Kara, her two friends and M.E. at the One Eyed Jack


A hostess bar is often, if not always, mistaken for a Bordello (more explicitly a Whore House) by the Gaijin (always them!) all over the world but it is absolutely not the same. Believe it or not Japanese Business Men DO pay just to *TALK* to girls. There are places where you can get sex and places where you can't. Owners and Managers are really strict on that because it is a matter of reputation for their club.
Clubs with Gaijin Hostess are usually "talk only" because foreigner girls mostly do it as a part-time job to pay for their studies or to support themselves while they are there. As far from being harlots as the latter, Japanese hostesses are more professional and competitive, like modern-consumer- society geisha. You don't want to mess with a Japanese hostess!

And this is M.A.D. ready to go to...the Matis Techno Club in Bologna! You thought that this was my business suit, eh?! Haw! Haw! Haw! You suckers :>