M.A.D. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Cybergirls with balls!

Me and the fabulous Miyuki Takahashi, competent cyber-entity and nontheless a hell of a cutie. We met on air at a tv show ("Web") I was attending as a guest. She's one of my best friends in Tokyo.

Babez @ Bacchanal

Yello these are me and my friends Linda (London) and Jenny (New Zealand) @ Aux Bacchanal Cafe' in Harajuku...sigh I miss that place so much now that I stay in Roppongi (T-T)
They have the best service and so many cute waiters like you've never seen before!!!

Cyberfriends & Cyberartists

Last but not least that good looking thing Yasunori Nakagawa, very talented graphic designer and Devilman fan I met on the internet!