Simona's BL Research Lab: Sakae Kusama

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Ciao everybody!After the introduction with the first instalment of the BL for Dummies Guide, let's finally kick off the first 'proper' article of the Lab introducing my favorite Boys Love author and, following, I will talk about one of the...

Simona's BL for Dummies Crash Course

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Let's start with an introduction to Boys Love, also known as Yaoi. Why? Well, so that you will know what I am talking about when Simona's BL Research Lab kicks off and every time I talk about one of the...

The Lab is Back!!!

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Buongiorno! Long time no see ;) I guess you missed the Lab since Akibanana's refurbishment! At least I hope so, since I am republishing it ALL here on!! [With all the due updates! So even if you read it...

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